DIY Record Bowls are probably the quickest, easiest, and cost efficient DIY project you can do. The bowls are great for home decor or as a gift. Saint Paul’s Thrift Shop has records 2 for $1.00!
The idea for the DIY record bowls came from these two blogs found on Pinterest.
Continue reading for the materials and instructions you need to make your own retro DIY record bowl.


1. Oven
2. Baking pan
3. Oven-safe bowl
4. Records
5. Oven mitts

1. Pre-heat oven to 350.
2. Place oven-safe bowls on baking pan either with the top up or down depending on how you want your record bowl to look. I have two versions below.
3. Place records in the center of the bowl.
4. Place pan with bowl and record in the oven.
5. Wait 1-2 minutes. Until the record starts to become wavy.
6. Remove the pan.
7. Wearing oven mitts form the record around the bowl.
8. Let cool.
9. Place and decorate your record bowl!

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