Meet a St. Paul’s Thrift Shop Volunteer!


Meet Borden Morrow!

Borden Morrow has been a volunteer at St. Paul’s Thrift Shop for 20 years. During his time with the shop, he has been Chairman of the Board, and received the St. Paul’s Thrift Shop Life Time Achievement Award for his volunteer work.

He volunteers at the shop Monday, Wednesday, and Friday in the men’s clothing department where he sorts, prices, and hangs clothing. He began as a volunteer after his wife encouraged him to get involved with the shop.

“I enjoy the company, the comradery, and the environment. Volunteering is my hobby, and I have to stay active,” Borden said.

Borden has been a member of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church since 1990, and has lived in Baldwin County since 1978. Borden and his wife decided to move to Baldwin County after falling in love with the area while driving through. He retired from teaching at Faulkner State, and he has continued to stay active by volunteering.

“I’m glad to be a part of an organization that gives so much to the community. The Thrift Shop is a very noble organization. 75 cents of every dollar that comes through the register is donated to over 20 organizations.”

If you would like to volunteer with St. Paul’s Thrift Shop, please, contact us at 251-626-6102, or visit us at 28788 North Main Street, Daphne, AL. 36526.


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